bell hooks was a philosopher

By now, I’m sure everyone’s heard the sad news – bell hooks passed away yesterday. Across the internet, notes of appreciation and mourning have swelled. Messages of how bell hooks opened peoples eyes to issues that they hadn’t noticed, of how she articulated simultaneous oppressions with stunning clarity, of how she offered a new wayContinue reading “bell hooks was a philosopher”

Form & Content in Ritual Studies

I’m finding the discussion between form and content in ritual studies to be unbelievably interesting, yet not nearly as fruitful as I think it could be. It seems that the concepts are so abstract that it becomes difficult for theorists to engage in meaningful debate. However, taking Harman’s distinction between the foreground and the backgroundContinue reading “Form & Content in Ritual Studies”

Rename it “Ishi Hall”

So UC Berkeley recently “unnamed” Kroeber Hall until they find a new name for it. I don’t think there’s any question, though, that if we’re going to honor anyone in that sad affair, it should be Ishi. That is, after all, the real job of contemporary anthropologists. And if Berkeley wants to be more “inclusive”,Continue reading “Rename it “Ishi Hall””


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